Our Philosophy

 We believe good dental care is helped by good communication between the patient and the dental staff. An informed patient can make better decisions about choices for dental treatment. Our goal is to provide you clear information about your dental condition and the treatment choices available, and then to provide you the best appropriate dental care that we can.

 We want you to have pain-free dental care.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is an important part of our practice and begins with keeping the enamel of the teeth strong and resistant to decay. We focus on keeping the gums healthy and helping you resist diseases that threaten oral health. We use the very latest research information to assess your risk for decay and gum problems in order to design a program aimed at lessening the risk.

After preventive dentistry is addressed, we turn our attention to the following:

Removal of hopeless teeth:
We keep in mind your desires to live free of pain, to be able to chew well, to have a pleasant smile, and to keep your expenditure for dental care controlled.

Restoration of teeth:
We may consider using an alloy type of filling, a tooth-colored bonded filling, or crowns. We may recommend root canal therapy if an important tooth's nerve has been damaged from decay or trauma.

Restoration of chewing ability:
We may suggest non-removable bridges, implants or removable appliances.

Cosmetic care:
A variety of treatment is available, including whitening, bonding, veneers or crowns.


The real world of dental care can be quite fluid. We typically will work on all aspects of care simultaneously to ensure the best result for you.