Doctor Referral

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Referrals from dental offices often relate to "access" issues that restrict diagnosis and treatment.  If your patient cannot allow adequate access for your treatment we are happy to receive the patient and plan a strategy for helping the patient.

Sometimes patients have complex medical issues that require more time than many practices comfortably allow.  If your patient has medical complexities that may affect the expedient delivery of care we are happy to receive the patient.

Dental phobia is sometimes is so severe that it makes even diagnosis and treatment planning difficult and the actual delivery of care impossible.  If your patient has multiple dental issues complicated by dental phobia we are happy to receive the patient and plan a strategy for care.

Some patients are better treated by multiple disciplines in the same setting.  We are able to put together a team for surgery, periodontics, endodontics and restorative/prosthetic to provide care typically with the aid of IV sedation provided by an anesthesiologist.  If your patient has multi-discipline needs we are happy to receive the patient.

Pediatric/adolescent patients with rampant caries complicated by dental phobia or a medical condition.  Many patients referred by pediatric dentists have been treated by our team and we are happy to receive the referral.

How to refer?

Use our secure referral portal.  Or, ask the patient to call us at 817 921 2600 and we will do the rest.

To speak with Dr. Cockerell about a patient please call the office and Dr. Cockerell will speak with you then or call you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your referrals.